SK Pro Studio

Digital Studio Mastering


Running by: Roberto Cabanillas (Sefirot/Kelifot)

Audio Enginering: Colegio de Ingenieros en Audio

College affiliated to the AES (Audio Engineering Society).

Digital Process

Influenced by Turn Me Up! ™ and Dynamic Range Day (DRD)


Turn Me Up! ™ is a non-profit music industry organization campaigning to give artists back the choice to release more dynamic records. To be clear, it's not our goal to discourage loud records; they are, of course, a valid choice for many artists. We simply want to make the choice for a more dynamic record an option for artists.

Today, artists generally feel they have to master their records to be as loud as everybody else's. This certainly works for many artists. However, there are many other artists who feel their music would be better served by a more dynamic record, but who don't feel like that option is available to them.

This all comes down to the moment a consumer hears a record, and the fear that if the record is more dynamic, the consumer won't know to just turn up the volume. This is an understandable concern, and one Turn Me Up! is working to resolve.


I like to study , to theorize and connect my theories to the evidence of my own ears. Thank to God who gave me a logic mind to explain the sound theory. Bob Katz

Making loud CDs will become just a bad memory. Greg Reierson

Don’t worry and don’t stop worrying. Raul Taboada



Format: Wave Sound At least 16 Bits (24 or 32 would be better).With NO clipping and NO compression of any kind in the master channel (Limiting or multiband), please dont try to PreMaster your track, that’s why you are paying for. 12 Minutes long (DO NOT PASTE TRACKS)


Contact: Roberto Cabanillas


College affiliated to the AES (Audio Engineering Society).